Antislip PVC vinyl floors in tiles form



Pvc antislip/nonslip design vinyl floor coverings offer anti slip features due to its designa nd come in many colours.

Group Enerji PVC antislip/ non slip vinyl plastic floors that come in sheet or tiles forms are ideal for commercial buildings,Offices,hospitals and sports grounds.
Sizes: 600x600 mm Thickness:2,5-5mm
1000x1000mm Thickness 3-4mm

The PVC vinyl floorings in sheets or PVC Tiles come in two sizes:
Size 1 : 600x600 mm Thickness: 2,5-5 mm
Size 2 :1000x1000 mm Thickness: 3-4 mm

Micro Granule Series

The PVC vinyl smooth surface microgranules floor series sizes:
Size 1 : 500x500 mm Thickness: 2-5 mm
Size 2 :600x600 mm Thickness: 2,5-5 mm
Size 3 :Width 1,2 meter Roll length 10-15 meter Thickness: 2-4 mm

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The PVC Tile Series